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The evidence is shocking.  Parents grossly underestimate their teenagers drug use and alcohol abuse.  Most parents are aware that teens drink, but they are also falsely under the impression that their own teen does not.  Interestingly about ten percent of parents believe their own son or daughter consumed alcohol within the last 365 days, and only 5 percent believed their teen used marijuana in the past school year, according to a recent poll done in Michigan.

Now here is some more shocking information.  When these same teens were polled over 50% of them said had drank alcohol in the last year and almost 30% reported smoking pot within that same time period.  Those number are reflected in a national survey of over 400 hundred schools across the country, both public and private.

Why is there such a disconnect between parents believes and their children's behavior?  It mostly has to do with parents being in denial about what their teens are really up to.  Even good kids make bad decisions sometimes.  Most parents simply assume their child wouldn't ever want to try those harmful things or they simply view them as innocent.  It is believed that most 10th graders will use both alcohol and marijuana in the next year.  In fact the estimation is about 60% will try or use alcohol and 40% will use marijuana.

Alcohol and Drug Awareness Courses will help open the door to communicating to young America how important it is to understand the risks and consequences of using these substances.  Educational programs such as these offer a low barrier to entry because they are relatively inexpensive and provide quality education that both teens and their parents can immediately benefit from.