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When considering they best way to fight off alcohol and drug addiction, there can be only one true answer - prevention. If you can get out of playing the game, you can get out of falling victim to it. This would always be the answer in a perfect world, where all the people make the perfect decisions. In the real world, however, the right decisions aren't always so easy to make.

In the real world, alcohol and drug addiction can take over a persons life and affairs, both personal and business. To help avoid this situation, the best option is to look ahead and be prepared. Alcohol awareness is something that is pushed into our faces from an early age. Drug addiction, on the other hand, is something that is often hidden. It's hidden, that is, until drug addiction is discovered the hard way.

It's because of this, that many parents today have started taking alcohol and drug awareness classes, as well as making their kids take the same classes. But what many drug and alcohol awareness classes don't take into consideration is the idea of becoming addicted to prescription medication..

There are countless new addictions that are related strictly to prescription medications. Some of the most addictive types of prescriptions include, oxycontin, vicaden, xanax, adderall, and concerta.  It's because of these new types of addictions, that prevention may not be top of mind. To know for sure what types of influences are in your children's lives, it is important to listen. Listening closely to what your kids have to say will help you understand the small nuggets of information they send your way. Do you remember the old adage, "an ounce of prevention is world a pound of cure?" This is especially true when considering alcohol and drug use.

By using alcohol and drug prevention classes, you can learn to communicate to your child all the potential dangers and situations that alcohol and drugs can cause. By taking the classes together, not only will you learn the lessons of alcohol and drug prevention together, you will gain a bond the two of you will be able to share for years.

When it comes to prevention, the sooner you start the better. It's never too soon to talk to your kids about the dangers of alcohol and drug use. If you wait for them to discover it on ether own, it could end up taking over their life.  Class lessons, online or off, aren't very expensive. Online alcohol and drug awareness classes are priced by the hour and can cost less than $175.00 USD. The longer and more in-depth the classes are, the more expensive they will become. The most essential part of picking any alcohol or drug course is knowing if you need prevention or a workable cure. Even online minor in possession classes are option for those under 21. These classes are often called MIP Classes Online.

It's important to keep in mind that the surge of alcohol and drug use in high schools today don't need to have an influence on your child or family. By using a few common sense steps, such as alcohol and drug awareness courses, you can be on a smooth path to keeping those negative forces clear of your life.