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Reviewing reports on alcohol and drug addiction and its affects on society can be upsetting. Current U.S. statistics indicate that there are 17.6 million people, about 1 in every 12 adults, who are alcohol dependent or abusers. Alcohol is the leading risk factor of death for males ages 15 – 59 years old. Furthermore, more than 10 million people abuse prescription medications and more than 3 million people use cocaine.

When it comes to substance abuse, professionals who treat individuals for addictive behavior agree that prevention does work and that therapeutic treatment is effective. Millions of people do recover from substance abuse to go on and live healthy and fruitful lives. It’s never too late to start to take charge of life and start down a new path. There are many different ways to go about overcoming alcohol and drug addiction. Some of them include taking alcohol and drug awareness classes, joining AA, attending one-on-one meetings with a specialist in the field, or actually entering a rehab facility. Some people are successful with utilizing one of these support networks and some may need to source every avenue to help them stay on track. Some individuals like to share their experience with a group and gain strength from hearing other people’s stories that are similar to their own. However, a great number of individuals like to take a more private route to sobriety.

Online alcohol and drug awareness classes are available for those who do not want the community to know about their personal struggles or are embarrassed, or just downright shy. Taking a class online is highly beneficial for the main reason that the client does not need to leave the convenience of her own home to learn new information and skills to help them stay sober. Online classes enable you to learn in the quiet and relaxed atmosphere of your own home, which many believe provides for more focus on the issue at hand.

Quality online classes are available at the click of a button. It is advisable to do some research first to make sure you are choosing the best class. Start by looking at the credentials of the person or people who designed the program. Many people might claim to be “experts” but check to make sure the course is designed by a licensed and practicing psychotherapist to insure the quality of the education. Furthermore, choose a class that has a BBB rating of A+, a 100% money-back guarantee, and does not require any downloading or paper trails.

Furthermore, find a program that utilizes cognitive-behavioral therapy as its approach to addiction. This type of treatment teaches skills for coping better with situations that commonly trigger relapse. You will learn all about the health risks and repercussions of drugs and alcohol on the body both mentally and physically, as well as how to employ stress management and communication skills to help with prevention. The goal of these online classes is to provide convenient, affordable, and relevant information in a private atmosphere, and so the client doesn’t need to miss any time from work or school. Classes are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Online classes are also available for minors who have been caught in possession (MIP), and for those who have to fulfill court or legal requirements due to DUI or other related offenses. A certificate of completion is awarded when the course has successfully been finished. If your jurisdiction accepts online classes, than this certificate is all you need to give them to prove the mandate was fulfilled.

Alcohol and drug awareness classes online provide the education necessary to obtain the goal of sobriety and are also an excellent way to teach adolescents about why they should stay away from these substances.