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Ask anyone who has quit drinking and has become totally sober, how he or she feels and they will say that they are feeling better than ever before. Many experts claim that drinking too much has been the bane of the society; the addiction can not only destroy oneself but also the entire family. Some of the people who enjoy their rounds of drink think that alcohol can improve communication skill, make people uninhibited and confidence.  Sad to say, but someone who thinks this way is clearly ill-informed. You should enroll to alcohol awareness classes to learn how to think long term.
A nicely nurtured relationship built over the years can be torn apart with a brawl and heated argument that triggers after one is high on the alcohol. We are not just talking about getting physical but in the heated exchange, one tends to say things that are actually kept hidden in the recesses of our mind; things that we wouldn’t have said, had we been in a saner state of mind. Likewise, we tend to leak things and give away way too much information to the person who is on the opposite side of the table, when we are under the influence of alcohol. 

So, we see alcoholism has never really benefited anyone. Being busy is not an excuse, you can reach alcohol awareness classes or minor in possession classes easily online. This is good to learn about specific key points.

Myths and beliefs
Now let us come to the popular myth that alcohol makes a person sexually attractive and improves performance. Alcohol just makes a person lose inhibition in the same way a person loses  control over his mind and begins to blabber a lot of ‘truths’ that he should have kept hidden. Sexual performance actually wanes due to drinking alcohol and the person may become impotent or frigid with alcohol addiction.  Also, there is a clear correlation of women and men contracting a lot of sexual diseases, including HIV-AIDS due to unprotected sex under the influence of alcohol.

There are stories of people who have done a lot of wrong, unethical and foolish things under the influence of alcohol. There are real life accounts of people who have been cheated out of their life’s earnings due to error of judgment and trusting the wrong people, due to their addiction. We also know about people who are there in hordes to celebrate with you over a round of drinks but they are nowhere in sight when you are admitted for an alcohol related disease. So it is better to wizen up and seek treatment by visiting a good center for alcohol awareness courses.

If you are still drinking and find it hard to give up, try to learn from the lives of people who have turned miserable and made the lives of people in their family terrible due to their drinking habit. There is help offered in the form of alcohol awareness classes; make the most of it.  You alone, can make a big difference to your life and people around you. Start by taking the imitative and things will turn around for the better.