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For someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, staying clean can be incredibly challenging. Alcohol is easily accessible and is everywhere, especially if you are friends with social drinkers. Drugs are easier to come by than ever. Many people want to try something “just once” to see what it is like or what everyone is talking about, and become addicted to them. Statistics show the increasing number of individuals entering drug or alcohol rehabs each year. This proves how difficult it is to kick the habit once the addiction has taken hold.

We may long for the good old days when it was more difficult to get a hold of legal and illegal drugs. However, the tools to fight these addictions have been refined and improved over time. We can now take the first step towards rehabilitation in the privacy of our own homes, completely anonymously by enrolling in an alcohol and drug awareness class online. These classes will educate you about the negative effects of drug and alcohol addiction and guide you with steps to take to get back on the right path. They are low-cost and give you the freedom to work at your own pace and on your own schedule.

The next step is to remove yourself from situations in which you will be tempted to indulge. You need to be honest with yourself and own up to the fact that you have a problem that needs to be taken seriously. It not only effects you but those around you if you are drinking and driving, etc. If you know that people will be doing illegal drugs at a certain party, than don’t go. If you are concerned that you will feel the need to drink wine at the steak dinner you have been invited to than graciously decline and wait until you are in a better place to deal with this desire. Change your lifestyle to accommodate your need to stay away from this type of behavior.

The third most important step is to be selective about your group of friends. This is a particularly vulnerable time in your life and you need to surround yourself with people and loved ones that will be there to support you. You may not realize that the people you have been hanging around with are contributing to your problems. You might feel that your closest group of friends really care about you, but if they are encouraging your habit, they are not good people to have in your life. You need to ask yourself if this person or people is making a positive impact on your life? If the answer is no, than now is the time to move on.

When you are ready to take charge of your life and overcome alcohol or drug addictions, it is important to have a lot of support. Taking an online 8 hour alcohol awareness class that has been designed by a licensed and practicing therapist is a good way to begin your road to recovery.