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Alcohol use among students and the negative outcomes that go along with drinking have decreased steadily since 2007, according to the Office of Alcohol & Other Drug Programs.

This means students  are not only drinking less, but binge drinking, underage drinking, and the amount of students driving under the influence have all decreased.

Last fall, a survey of students chosen at random, which showed the statistics of each alcohol-related problem.

According to the survey, the number of students who reported binge drinking in the last two weeks decreased by 4.3 percent and the number of students who have consumed alcohol in the past month decreased by 3.4 percent.

The percentage of underage drinking has decreased by 4.3 percent and the number of students who have driven a car while intoxicated has decreased by 8.4 percent.

Megan Martin, a junior child and family development major, said she has limited her consumption of alcohol due to past experiences.

“I have been in trouble with underage drinking and I know that I didn’t want that to happen again, so I know that many first-time offenders don’t want to repeat it either,” she said.

“I was sheltered growing up. So freshman year, I went wild and was more interested in my social life and drinking, and I wouldn’t care if I didn’t show up to class.”

The survey indicates that not only are students drinking less, but 5.5 percent of students also said they are not allowing drinking to influence their classes.

“People are interested in getting an education, drinking lessens that chance for us to do well,” said Martin.

Derrick Brisbane, a junior mechanical engineering major, said he believes the high number of drunk driving incidents have led people to decide against driving under the influence because they are more aware of the dangers and consequences that go along it.

Even though the numbers have gone down, alcohol awareness classes and minor in possession classes continue to provide help for those students struggling with alcohol or other drugs by offering awareness classes online.

Written by Jessie Reese