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New Hampshire lawmakers are currently trying to get The Good Samaritan bill passed. This bill would provide immunity for anyone who makes a call to 911 to report an alcohol or drug emergency and also for the victim they are calling about. Nine other states have already passed a similar law. According to Representative Jenn Coffey “It gives us a chance to save that person’s life. If they’re too afraid to call, we can’t help them.”

In the last four years, New Hampshire has experienced a higher rate of drug related deaths than traffic deaths. The bottom line is that it can often take many hours for a drug overdose to actually kill someone. If a call is made to emergency personnel, they often have time to prevent the death.

If you or someone you know is having trouble with drugs, a leading cost-effective and informative way to direct the conversation toward rehabilitation is to take an online drug education class. People use drugs for many different reasons. It can be for social reasons because it makes them feel included in a group, or to deal with everyday anxiety and stress, or to help them with energy during a busy workday or to relax at night.

Signs of drug abuse can include sleeping in late, slacking off on homework or work, an isolation from old friends or family, a new peer group, a new lack of funds, and a general disinterest in activities or hobbies that the person used to like. If you notice these signs, it’s important not to overlook them but instead to gently check in with the person and see if you can help in any way.

Online drug classes are becoming a more and more popular way of learning to understand the risks and repercussions of drug use and learning new skills to support overcoming the addiction. Online courses offer the client the ability to stay in the safety, privacy and comfort of their own home to address the problem. In many cases, the individual might be in denial or not ready to publicly accept their challenge. This way of learning keeps it within the household until they are ready to take it to the next level. Parents, a close friend or sibling can even sit with the participant to take the class and discuss any issues that arise as different topics are covered.

An 8 hour level 1 drug education course will provide participants with statistics and research about the current state of drug use in America, an understanding of the different types of drugs out there, how drugs detrimentally affect development, how to understand addiction and how it affects everyone around you, and coping skills for creating a change and staying clean.

The beauty of an online class is that it is available to the client 24/7, so learning the information does not need to interfere with school or work. It’s a completely self-paced situation. Participants can login and out of the course whenever they have free time and need very little computer skills to scroll through and successfully complete the class. There is nothing to print out and no workbooks. The material is simply on the screen in front of you.

Help a friend or yourself today with the convenient, low cost and effective support of an online drug class!