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Alcohol Drug Class is one of the leading national providers of online distance learning education in the field of alcohol awareness classes and minor in possession courses. These educational classes are often requested to be taken by people who have been in some kind of violation of the law. It might be part of a plea bargain with the court or part of a diversion requirement through probation. In some cases the classes are being required by their local Department of Motor vehicles for a wet reckless or drunk driving violation.

The most common class first time offenders take is the 8 hour alcohol awareness class. Those second and third time offenders will likely be asked to take a longer program, which can also be done online. These programs are usually 16 to 24 hours and are much more comprehensive in nature and take more time. If you are looking for a program for Alcohol Awareness Classes there is simply no need to miss time away from work or school, they can be done anytime, from any location.