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The beginning of a new year brings with it the opportunity to start fresh. It’s a chance to put unhealthy behaviors behind you and get started on a new path. When reflecting back on 2012, you may realize that there were more nights you ended up drinking too much, than not. Maybe you started a new habit of coming home from work in the evening and having an alcoholic beverage to reduce the stress of the day, or it was just another year amongst many in which you’ve abused alcohol. Have you come to the conclusion that alcohol is negatively affecting your work, health or family life? Have you made a new years resolution to reduce or stop your drinking?

If you are ready to take a healthy step towards overcoming alcohol abuse, seek support! Many people try to go it alone because they can’t afford or aren’t ready to get one-on-one counseling. Or, maybe you don’t feel comfortable going into a room full of strangers to discuss your most intimate problems. The solution is to seek alcohol awareness education online. With an alcohol awareness class like those offered at you can find the information and skills you need to learn to stop your abusive behavior. Online classes are ideal because they can be taken from any computer device that is connected to the Internet, most conveniently in your own home! You don’t need to meet an instructors pre-determined class schedule in a traditional classroom, but can login and access the class whenever you have free time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Online classes provide you with complete privacy to embark on the road to recovery. Taking them in the quiet of your own home also gives you the time to go at your own pace and reflect on what the triggers are of your alcohol abuse. The course outline will guide you through different topics including alcohol and drug risk factors, the health risks of alcohol and drug use, and how these substances really affect the brain, central nervous system and body. You might think that alcohol is a pick me up, but did you know that it actually acts a depressant? The student will also learn imperative skills to overcoming the behavior like stress management techniques and communication skills.

Online alcohol awareness classes are not only available for self-improvement purposes but can often be taken to fulfill court requirements. If you have been court ordered to take an alcohol and drug class for a DUI or other substance abuse related offense, ask your judge if he will accept an online course. Many jurisdictions understand that it is often difficult to physically get to an in-person class because they are only offered across town or in another city. If it’s the height of winter, you might feel unsafe driving the roads to get to the class or the class schedule might interfere with your work schedule and you just can’t miss anymore time without suffering from pay loss or boss disapproval. Our online program is designed by a currently licensed and practicing psychotherapist and the education included in the course includes the most effective techniques available today.

Alcohol abuse is a progressive disease that will eventually catch up with you. Give yourself the tools you need to fulfill your new years resolution and start an online alcohol awareness class today!