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Are you in a marriage in which either you or your spouse drinks too much alcohol? Have you questioned whether you could be considered an alcoholic? If so, it’s time to take action not only for the person’s physical health but also for the health of your marriage. An upcoming May 2013 issue of the Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research journal concludes that the risk of divorce is especially high in couples where one partner drinks frequently. In fact, according to one study researcher at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health “the risk of divorce is estimated to be tripled when the husband’s level of drinking is low and the wife’s drinking is heavy, compared with couples where both drink lightly”. The bottom line is that the more people drink, the higher the chances for divorce.

Couples who intend to marry should be cognizant of how much the other partner drinks. According to this study, if your spouse drinks heavily, you should encourage them to cut back or abstain if the goal is a lasting and strong marriage. Unfortunately, this topic can often be difficult to approach because the heavy drinker is in denial about his/her drinking habits. A high quality tool to use in this situation is an online alcohol awareness class.

Online classes are an educational approach to adjusting a person’s behavior. They are highly beneficial for busy couples because they can be taken from any Internet based computer in the privacy of your own home. This alleviates any worry of “airing your dirty laundry” by being seen in a public classroom setting. It also takes away the argument that there’s no time to attend a course. Once you register for an online alcohol awareness course, it is immediately available to you on your computer screen. There is nothing to print out or download; it’s simply like reading through a non-fiction chapter book. The client scrolls through the information which is divided by topics and concludes with a final exam.

High quality online alcohol awareness classes are an interesting and informative way to learn about alcohol use, abuse and alcoholism. The program covers such main subjects as:

1) Risk factors for alcohol abuse

2) The affects of alcohol dependency on the others in the family

3) Short and long-term health risks

4) Skills and assistance to support overcoming alcohol problems

Spouses can sit together to learn and discuss the information and can take the course at their own pace. This gives the opportunity to talk about what the problems are, what is triggering them (stress, anxiety, anger?) and ways to resolve the issues to make the marriage a happier one. There is no pre-determined timeline. Clients can login and out of the class as often as they would like and the computer holds the last spot. It’s also possible to go back and review material until the class is officially completed.

Don’t let alcoholism contribute to the destruction of your marriage. Take an online alcohol awareness class to help learn the skills to get your relationship back on track.