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The signs of drug use and abuse vary based on the individual and the type of substances they are using. If you are concerned about a family member or friend because you think they have a problem, look for the following top signs:

1) Mood swings.

People who are taking drugs will act differently depending upon if they are under the influence or not. When the person is off drugs he or she might become depressed, irritable, and stressed until they get their next fix. Or, while under the influence, a person can become talkative, elated and more outgoing even when it’s not socially acceptable to act in this manner.

2) Change in physical appearance.

Individuals who are under the influence of drugs often experience a change in appearance. Drugs like cocaine and meth might cause users to lose weight. Heroine users might look withdrawn, spaced out and emaciated. Bloodshot eyes, and pupils that are smaller or larger than usual are also signs of use.

3) Theft behavior.

Individuals who are addicted to drugs will often do anything it takes to get money to buy more. This includes robbery and other illegal crimes.

4) Change in social circle.

Teenagers will often leave their old grade school friends behind as they assimilate into a different peer group. Parents should be on high alert when a child becomes immersed in a new group of friends that are unfamiliar to them.

5) Secretive behavior.

Individuals who begin to lie, neglect their responsibilities or avoid explaining where they have been or what they are doing are displaying signs that something is amiss.

6) Increased anxiety.

Drug abusers often are fearful, paranoid or anxious with no apparent reason.

If you recognize any of these behaviors in your child, friend or spouse, it’s important to take action immediately. Many times, the drug user will be denial and will not be open to going to group meeting or attend one-on-one therapy. This is when drug awareness education classes online become extremely helpful. An 8-hour level 1 drug class can be taken online for self-improvement and educational purposes. This means that the client can stay in the safety and relaxed feeling of his own home to begin the process of overcoming drug use. Online classes give the student complete privacy and the freedom to take the classes whenever his or her schedule allows. There is nothing to print out or download, everything is 100% on the computer screen in front of you and can be accessed from any computer device that is connected to the web. An Ipad, PC or laptop will all work great.

Online drug classes teach students about the risk factors and health risks of alcohol and drug use and how this substance abuse not only hurts themselves, but everyone around them. Classes get very specific about how users are negatively impacting their brain, central nervous system and entire body. The goal is to educate students on new techniques and skills to use to stop this behavior and prevent relapse.

Online drug classes are a convenient, affordable and effective way to begin the education and discussion with your loved one. Classes are easy to take and will lead the user back to a healthier and happier lifestyle.