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How can an alcohol awareness class or drug awareness program save a life? There is a direct correlation between preventative knowledge enhancement and decreased alcohol and drug use. Education is almost always the pathway to change when it comes to learning. The more learned we are, the better decisions we can make. Take for example the issue of smoking cigarettes. It was on January 11, 1964, when Surgeon General Luther Terry issued a landmark warning, for the first time, that smoking is a direct cause of of various types of cancer, including lung cancer. At that point in time, nearly half of all Americans smoked! In 2008 that number went down almost 30% to 21%. Why? As education about a problem went up, deaths related to the problem went down.

Now for drugs and alcohol. Alcohol is the single # 1 drug problem in the United States with over 12 million alcoholics. There is an alcohol related death in America every 30 minutes! Here are some other facts related to alcohol: 73% of all felonies, 73% of all child abuse cases, 41% of rape cases, 81% of wife battering, 72% of violent crimes, and 83% of homicides. It is truly shocking.

Education is the way to help both adults and teenagers better understand the risks associated with alcohol and drug abuse. The more educated we become, the less likely these shocking numbers will continue to go up. Fortunately, with the invention of technology, many of these preventative educational classes can be taken online. For adults there are alcohol awareness classes online and for younger persons there are minor in possession classes. These classes are well suited for court ordered or other legal requirements or simply for personal growth. Don't let a lack of understanding get in the way of making good choices. Quality distance learning is just a click away.