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The negative ramifications of alcohol abuse on the human body are numerous. Years of heavy drinking will take a serious toll on the health of both men and women. However, research has shown that although it might seem like both sexes respond the same way to alcohol, the female anatomy is actually exposed to higher risk. Women suffer from the adverse effects of alcoholism on a greater scale compared to their male counterparts.

First of all, women become intoxicated after drinking smaller quantities of alcohol than are needed to produce intoxication in men. It has been proven that female alcoholics have death rates 50 to 100 percent higher than those of male alcoholics. Furthermore, more women alcoholics die from suicides, alcohol-related accidents, circulatory disorders, and cirrhosis of the liver after a shorter period of heavy drinking and at a lower level of daily drinking than men.

Ramifications of alcohol abuse are more pronounced on female abusers than they are on male abusers. A woman risks developing breast cancer, as well as a shortened life span. Research has been reported that breast cancer risk increases when a woman consumes 1 ounce or more of alcohol daily. They also develop depression problems and are likely to continue drinking as a way of suppressing the depression. Eventually, they will become desperate in a phase where they no longer care about the effects alcohol is having on their lives.

In some of the studies about alcoholism and the comparison of its effects to men and women, it has been proven that women are more likely to develop alcohol-induced brain damage. Impaired mental function has many consequences including the inability to make correct decisions, a reduced progressive rate and an increased likelihood of developing social problems. Furthermore, when a mother is an alcoholic she generally spends more time on a daily basis with the children. This is an extremely dangerous situation for the kids, as the alcoholic is incapable of acting as a role model, and has a high chance of harming her children if they are depending on her for commuting responsibilities.

If you find yourself or someone in your family on this unhealthy path, a good way to begin learning skills to overcome alcoholism is to take online awareness classes for self-improvement. Do the research to find a quality program designed by a professional, licensed therapist. Classes will teach about the health risks, why it is important to the alcoholic and everyone in her life for her to stop drinking, communication and stress management skills, and successful techniques to use to overcome the addiction. Research has shown that fewer women than men get treatment for themselves citing the lack of childcare as a main reason. Taking classes online solves this issue. The classes can be taken from any web-based computer in the comfort of your own home which makes them completely private and anonymous. They are available online 24/7 and you can take them at your own relaxed pace. The computer program will hold your spot so when you log back in, you won’t lose your space. Consider a 12 hour drug and Alcohol awareness class.