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Alcohol and drug dependence represent a major health issue all over the world. In the U.S., there are many different ways to try to learn about, treat and overcome addiction. Individuals can choose from one-on-one behavioral therapy, AA and other group meetings, and online courses. Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet that can solve this issue, but starting out with an 8-hour online alcohol and drug awareness class will put you on the right path towards recovery.

Education about substance abuse should be given to our kids as early as middle school. Most teenagers get involved with drugs and alcohol because of curiosity, stress, and peer pressure or to feel more popular. At first, at low-levels it might seem enjoyable but as the desire grows, so does the level of drinking and type of drugs. However, if kids are prepared with the proper education about the types of substance abuse and the negative risks and repercussions on their health and life, they might think twice before engaging in this behavior.

It seems like daily we read about the trials and tribulations of various high profile young adults like Lindsay Lohan. Obviously exposure to alcohol at an early age combined with a lack of parental role modeling has contributed to her trials and tribulations in her twenties. When it comes to this subject, it’s important that parents don’t try to act like friends, but instead take a strong role in providing guidance away from this behavior.

Online alcohol and drug education classes are an excellent resource to use to help teach our kids why they should stay away from these substances. A high quality course will explain the different types of drugs and alcohol available (legally or illegally) and how they affect the brain, nervous system and body. Young adults will also learn the potential dangers that a person under the influence can have on others, as well as the legal ramifications of getting caught as a minor-in-possession. It’s all information that your teen will keep with them for the rest of their lives and will hopefully contribute to better judgment when they are around these substances.

Online classes are extremely easy to navigate. Simply register and the class becomes immediately available on any Internet based computer device like an Ipad, PC or laptop. You and your kids can sit in the privacy, quiet and comfort of your own home and learn the material together or you can just have the child scroll through the course on her own. If you take it together, it gives you an excellent opportunity to discuss the material and talk about different situations the child might find herself in. When the class is done, a multiple-choice final exam is issued to make sure the student understood and grasped the information. If not, you can go back and review the material as many times as you’d like until the final is successfully passed.

Give your children the tools they need to avoid drugs and alcohol. Sign-up for an online alcohol and drug awareness class today!