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Drug addiction or substance dependence, is an individual's compulsive need to use drugs in order to function in every day life. Drug addicts lose the ability to pay close attention or be concerned with the detrimental impact they are having on their health. For this reason, many usually end up causing both physical and emotional harm to themselves and the people around them. Currently, some of the most abused drugs include cocaine, marijuana and heroin.

Common signs of drug abuse:

When you suspect that your loved one is abusing drugs, you might want to confirm your suspicions first before confronting him or her. The best way to do this is to start by looking for the following 3 signs that can help you prove your concerns:

1) Pupil changes: Drug abuse can at times cause the eye pupils to appear larger. Unlike the eyes of a healthy person, the eyes of an addict usually fail to respond to light. Rather than decreasing in size, the pupils of an addict usually stay dilated even when they are exposed to very bright light.

2) Unusual sleeping patterns: an individual who abuses drugs might change their schedule by staying up late into the night, and then sleep it off during the day. With time, such individuals usually find it difficult to sleep during the day or night. This normally happens when their addictions take a stronger hold and the level of drug use increases to higher levels.

3) Change in physical appearance: This is basically one of the best indicators of an addict. According to research, the physical appearances of drug addicts usually change drastically over a very short period of time. Many of them usually end up losing a lot of weight and sense of cleanliness. Rather than working on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, many of them usually dedicate their time on seeking their next high.

With the improvement and accessibility to modern technology, online drug education classes are becoming more and more popular. Unlike ordinary classes, online classes usually provide addicts with an opportunity of learning how to overcome their addictions in the safe environment of their homes. Some of the topics discussed in such classes include understanding drug addiction, understanding the different drug classes, how drugs affect development, resources for creating sustainable change and coping skills for staying clean.

Hidden benefits of taking a drug education class online:

First, you will be able to maintain your privacy and dignity. Online classes can provide the education and support towards complete recovery without necessarily involving a lot of people. Basically, when you decide to go with this particular option, you will be able to avoid any embarrassment, since all your classes will be done at home away from the public eye. Secondly, you will be able to save a lot of money. Compared to bricks and mortar classes, online drug education classes can be less expensive because the programs don’t have to pay location overhead. Also, the participant doesn’t have to pay for gas and parking to get to the classroom.

Online programs can also fulfill court and work requirements. Just check with employers and your jurisdiction first to make sure they are on track with accepting online classes. Then the participant simply registers for the correct class length and the program is available to them 24/7, whenever they login. Many clients like the online option because they can take the class in a more timely manner than in an old-fashioned classroom. Traditional classes are generally held for one hour once a week, so it could take 3 months to complete a 12-hour alcohol and drug awareness class. When you take it online, you have the added benefit of deciding to do it all in one day or a little bit each day over a few weeks.

Online classes are not only a more affordable, convenient and timely way to go, but the material in an online class is constantly updated with the most cutting edge research based tools and skills. No using old workbooks, online classes are in the moment!