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Drug abuse, also known as substance abuse is when a person consumes a drug in levels or using methods which are not acceptable by medical professionals. Most of these drugs are illegal or legally prescribed but then illegally resold to others. There are various reasons as to why many people decide to get into drugs which may include any or some of the following:

Genetics or inheritance

Those children who are born to parents who are suffering from addiction and abuse are always at high risk of developing drug abuse as well. For example, children of smokers often become smokers themselves. This may be because it was an acceptable habit in their home growing up and they therefore feel comfortable with doing it, or they tried it at a young age because it was accessible and its addictive nature got them hooked, or there may be a genetic component to the addiction.

Peer or social pressure

Drug abuse most often begins in adolescence. The tween and teen years are ones in which kids are looking for an identity and to fit in. Unfortunately, children may fall in with the wrong group and feel pressured to smoke marijuana or try Ecstacy to be cool and gain friends. The pressure which results from these relationships is very common in adolescents but it also extends to adults. Unfortunately, drugs are highly addictive by nature and once you start, it is very difficult to stop.

Depression (stress) and loneliness

As we all know, life has its ups and downs. For some people, dealing with the low points like bad grades, the death of someone close to them, physical pain or loneliness can lead to severe depression. Some might turn to drugs to escape these sad feelings. Some drugs make you feel unnaturally energetic and happier, some might just take your mind off of the stresses of life, some might put you to sleep. The main point is that these are all short-term results so that when the drug wears off, the person is back to his unhappy feelings unless he gets professional help.


Life is full of stressful situations. Some people do not naturally have the coping mechanisms they need to deal with stress in a healthy way. They turn to drugs to take away those anxious feelings and help make them feel more calm and relaxed.


Personality traits vary from one person to another, hence some people are more likely to be develop drug abuse as compared to others. Some people are curious and may try a drug a few times to see what it’s all about but are then able to walk away with a second look. However, for some with addictive personalities this initial fun turns into a major craving and addiction. This is why doctors agree to just say no to drugs.

Online Alcohol and Drug classes are a good place to start when looking for preventative support. They are flexible to your own busy schedule and affordable. With all the current State cut-backs at the public school level, you will find that this topic is being addressed less and less at the high school level. Online classes are an excellent way of having the drug education talk with your teen in the privacy of your own home.