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It is alarming the amount of kids that are using drugs today. This is happening amongst all class sectors, races and age groups. We have a big problem on our hands and the fight to control and contain it is not an easy one.

Did you know that most drug abuse begins in adolescence, around the age of 12 – 13? For parents with children in this age group, here is a quick list of the top most common drugs used by kids today. You should be aware of these drugs.

*Marijuana- this is known, as a "soft" drug, which implies that it’s use, causes no significant, long-lasting harm. However, this terminology is deceiving. This is something that you can easily get addicted to and its use often leads to other drugs. Believe it or not, many kids are able to buy this drug at school. It is especially dangerous for kids to use this drug during the day in school. Memory can become foggy. This will affect the way they learn and take things in.

*Prescription drugs- this is a common way to get high amongst high-school aged kids. It is becoming more and more common because they are easily acquired from their parent’s medicine cabinet. "Pharming parties" happen when kids have a party and everyone brings a batch of tablets to the house. Once you become addicted to these drugs it can really become dangerous because you will suffer from withdrawal symptoms and the chances of overdosing are high and of course, life-threatening.

*Ecstasy- in the clubbing scene this is huge. It is not expensive and has developed into a popular drug amongst young adults. It creates a euphoric, happy, energetic feeling. The individual feels like they are in complete control and are not thinking reasonably. This feeling of strength and excitement can lead people to take chances they normally wouldn’t take, like thinking they can make it across traffic safely when it’s not actually safe. Another problem with this drug is that is extremely dehydrating. You don’t feel like eating or drinking much while you are on it and we’ve all heard about kids being rushed to hospital for fainting and dehydration at “rage” parties, due to the use of Ecstasy.

*Inhalants- believe it or not, kids recently have gotten into inhaling nitrogen from balloons, whipped cream cans – you name it. This gives the person a quick, short-lived high. It’s easy accessibility makes it popular.

*Cocaine- we all know the dangers of this drug. Unfortunately it is on the rise. This is the hard drug that kids want to experiment with once they want to move on from one of the softer drugs. It is highly addictive. When you come down from a high you will feel depressed so this will make you want more which feeds the cycle. Once a cocaine user becomes addicted, it can be a long, tough battle getting back on track.  Learn about cocaine use in a 8 hour drug class.

*Alcohol- the statistics show us that alcohol use is highly prevalent amongst kids and teens. It’s easily accessible from the parent’s liquor cabinet, older friends or siblings and even other parents today who feel it is O.K. to drink as long as the kids stay home. Aside from noticing missing alcohol, you will see changes in your child like forgetfulness, moodiness and a lack of interest in things they used to be involved in. Alcohol Classes help.

In order to help your kids stay away from substance abuse, it is worthwhile to take an Alcohol and drug awareness class online. These are classes that have been developed on the internet in an effort to draw kids away from the dangers of alcohol and drugs. Kids seem to focus a lot more when they are on their computer, they can be taken in the comfort of their own home and without any of their peers to distract them like there would be in a classroom setting. The bottom line is that drugs and alcohol are prevalent and easily accessible in our society. The best thing you can do for your children is to give them a strong education on the repercussions of drug use. Online classes are the way to go.