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Drug and alcohol addiction is a major problem and no matter how much one tries to quit, it is not easy. Anyone trying to help their child overcome this problem should understand that. Substance abuse is in most cases brought about by a lot of factors such as peer pressure, domestic problems, low self esteem, curiosity or even spite to some extremes. If you feel your child needs help, follow these steps:

It would be wrong to accuse your child of abusing alcohol and drugs without proof only to find out later that they were innocent. It is very important for the parent to gather all evidence and proof before hand.
If in deed your child is an addict, get rid of all alcohol and addictive substance that might be in your home and keep them away. It is important as these things will only serve as temptation to your child hence relapsing.
Use the right procedure and tactics when approaching your child. Assure them of your love and the support you are willing to give in order to help them get over the addiction. Avoid condemning, blaming and focusing on what could have been as these will definitely yield negative results.
Find out the cause of the problem. If it was because of peer pressure then guide your child in to hanging around friends with good morals and principles. If the cause of the addiction is domestic problems, get to the root of the problem and do your best to solve. Dealing with the root cause of addiction is the first step to healing.
If your child has been struggling with drug addiction for a long time, with only promises to change, then you as a parent should take the initiative to get your child in to a rehabilitation center. It is a difficult step and your child will probably fight you on this but it is the better option. Being too lenient might cost you your child's life.
All through the healing process, whether through rehab or not, show your unlimited support to your child and encourage them to keep going. Always be there when the healing process gets tough and give support. When their attempts to remain clean are shaky, reassure them of their strength.
Always keep the lines of communication open so that your child may feel free to discuss any issue with you. This is essential in overcoming addiction. The less your child keeps bottled up inside, the faster the healing process.

Getting over a drug or alcohol addiction is very challenging but with support, understanding and care, your child it is attainable. The root cause of the addiction should be dealt with to prevent relapses. Always remember that you must go through this journey with your child as it is the only way to guarantee success. Taking online alcohol and drug classes is a positive first step. You can sign-up for 8 hour to 24 hour alcohol and drug classes, depending on the depth of information you would like. Families can take these classes together in the privacy of their own homes to get the discussion going in a safe atmosphere.