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Each year the number of accidents and deaths caused by alcohol and drugs continues to increase. Many times these tragedies could have been prevented with the proper help and support. If you have a loved one in your life that abuses alcohol or drugs, you can help yourself and the individual by offering to enroll them in online alcohol and drug awareness classes. These programs are readily available from any web-based computer and have been increasingly popular because of their educational value, convenience and low-cost. Some of the benefits of enrolling in an online alcohol class are as follows:

- Students learn the physical and mental effects of these dangerous addictions.

- Families learn how to understand the addictions and how best to relate to the addict.

- Topics include how to identify the warning signs, how to better manage stress, and how to communicate effectively.

- Long-term health repercussions as well as the everyday risks of getting a DUI or causing an accident are discussed.

- Lowering and eliminating your alcohol intake will help to feel more energetic and lose weight for the New Year.

- Adolescents will learn how and why to overcome the peer pressure they are bound to face at some point in their high school or college careers.

- The education provides the rational support necessary to begin the path to sobriety.

There really is no excuse to not try a class for self-improvement purposes. They are low-cost and you don’t need to take the extra time or spend the extra gas money to drive anywhere. The opportunity to access the classes online gives the client the ability to travel to any of the 50 states and still complete the course. So, people who travel for business or will be going somewhere away from home for the holidays can utilize this type of distance learning. Once you register, they are available online at any time of the day or night providing complete flexibility for busy people. You can login and out of the class whenever you would like and the computer program holds your last spot. Nothing needs to be printed out or downloaded; the entire program is available on the screen in front of you.

Giving the gift of a 12 hour online alcohol and drug class to your adolescent or loved one will reinforce the dangers of these substances. Don’t let your child learn misinformation on the playground or from friends. Accurate education is the key to prevention and teaching the negative effects to children will give them the knowledge and support they need to confidently say no.

If you're struggling with drug and alcohol abuse and need a little motivation to get your life back on the track, this is a private and relaxed way to start. Online classes provide complete anonymity, so no one else needs to find out you are seeking this support. A good online class will also offer the ability to speak directly with a licensed therapist if any questions or concerns arise while taking the class. Enroll in an online alcohol and drug awareness class this holiday season to start 2013 off on the right foot!