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The costs of alcohol addiction and dependency in the work place are higher than most organizations realize. The factors that contribute to these high costs of alcohol abuse in a business include poor quality work, employee turnover, sick leave, accidents, damage to the company image, poor customer service, delays, wastage of resources, claims from clients and much more. A business that is afflicted by all of these cannot succeed. Losses are bound to result and if left unattended extreme alcohol abuse can actually lead to the collapse of a company. It is therefore in the best interest of the employer to get professional help in alcohol awareness for employees.

Employers do not need to wait for their human resource to get into alcohol abuse so as to engage the services of professionals who deal in alcohol awareness for employees. It should instead be an on going program that seeks to intervene before things get out of hand. Work related pressure as well as personal issues could lead one to alcohol and substance abuse at any point. The awareness classes taken before an individual has encountered a period where they are highly susceptible to going into alcoholism will help deal with the pressure. It also equips peers with the skills and knowledge in detecting a drinking problem in a colleague and effective ways of helping them deal with the situation.

The benefits of having alcohol awareness for employees far exceed the cost of engaging the professionals who conduct the sessions. Employees who are free of alcohol related problems have a fulfilling personal life which is one of the most important contributors to productivity. Personal development is the most important reason for anyone to work. If your people feel that they are progressing at a personal level, they will be highly motivated and production will increase. Motivated and productive employees will deliver higher profits and their hard work will pay for the alcohol awareness sessions several times over. You will also realize that team work, loyalty, initiative and leadership improve when alcohol is no longer an issue. 

Alcohol awareness classes can be organized to fit in with the unique circumstances of individual business operations. The instructors and other professionals involved in delivering alcohol awareness for employees are normally flexible so as to accommodate your needs. Instructors can also deliver the training in a number of ways that include onsite sessions, offsite sessions and web seminars or at their facilities. This is meant to ensure that interruptions to production and other operations are kept to a minimum.

Dealing with alcohol and drug problems is no longer an option but a must for companies that appreciate their most important resource which is human resource. If a company is successful in empowering it employees, then it succeeds in every other way. Alcohol awareness classes will help you prevent alcohol problems, deal with existing cases and save those employees who were about to get trapped in alcoholism. Alcohol awareness for employees also helps your team appreciate the alcohol and drug policies in your organization. It will also equip them with the knowledge and skills to improve on these policies where necessary.