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Teenagers may roll their eyes at attending online drug and alcohol classes, but the truth is that education in this field may mean the prevention of a tragedy. Drug classes online help address legal and awareness issues for people of all ages. From substance abusers who have been busted multiple times by the cops to teens who haven’t yet touched a cigarette, online drug prevention classes can mean a new lease on life.

The deaths that occur when people are reckless and under the influence of drugs or alcohol are entirely preventable. These tragedies are unnecessary and drug use ends up affecting not just the user but also their friends, family, co-workers and even strangers. Online drug classes show users facts and statistics about how many lives have been taken as a result of drug use.

In some cases, individuals who have gotten into some sort of drug-related trouble are required to attend online drug prevention courses. This is a perfect example of something positive coming from a negative situation. What starts as a basic court order can turn into a huge change for the drug user. Showing users the true danger and risk of their actions may open their eyes up to realities that they never before considered. Ultimately, this knowledge could save the life of both the user and innocent bystanders.

The best outcome that can be hoped for from an online drug prevention class is for the student to seriously think about their behavior. For people who have had drug issues in the past, they will hopefully take a minute to ponder the consequences of their actions. With any luck, the user will seek help for their problem and change their life for good. For those who haven’t gotten into any drug-related trouble yet, they will hopefully steer clear of these problems in the future.

Many online drug prevention classes are short, some only lasting for four hours. Many online courses have videos and animation so that you won’t get bored. At the end of each section of the course, you may be asked to complete a short quiz before moving on. To get a completion certificate, you’ll probably have to complete a longer multiple choice quiz. However, you can usually take this quiz as many times as you need to in order to pass.

Drug abuse never discriminates. Anyone can come up against this type of problem regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity or demographic location. The best part about attending an online drug class is that it’s completey private. Students don’t have to be embarrassed to walk into a classroom and they can attend the class anonymously. This is a way for people to deal with their issues in private at first, which is often easier than dealing with them in public. According to a 2009 report, Rhode Island has the highest drinking per capita as well as marijuana use.  

Online drug classes cannot replace a doctor, therapist or rehab center. However, online drug prevention classes may be the first step to getting there. People with serious addiction issues need to seek professional help aside from online alcohol awareness classes.