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Alcohol awareness is a critical in today's fast pace world.  Americans consume more alcohol as a nation then any other country in the world.  In 2009, there were 10,839 fatalities in crashes involving a driver with a Blood Alcohol Content of .08 or higher.  This made up over 32 percent of total traffic fatalities for the year.  That is a staggering number if you really think about.  So the question beckons, how, as a country do we reduce the number of alcohol related accidents?  The answer to that question is rather simple.  Drink less, and stay sober.

Part of the issue is that many Americans don't fully understand how alcohol effects our bodies, minds, and behavior.  Most people know that drinking in excess will intoxicate an individual.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that concept.  What is misunderstood is how to become more self-aware of our drinking habits and behaviors.  For some, self regulation of alcohol comes easy, and yet for others it is nearly impossible.  Learning to think before you drink is a critical step towards maintaining sobriety.

Here are few things to consider before you drink:

1. Do I have to drive anywhere?  If the answer is yes, then don't drink, or limit drinking to the DMV recommended amounts for you body weight and age.
2. If alcohol is a problem for you, consider getting help.  Millions of Americans are effected by alcoholism.  There is no shame in getting help for alcohol.  Contact your local substance abuse professional or licensed mental health professional for an assessment
3. Come up with a safey plan if you do plan on drinking, such as a designated driver

While the above list is not meant to be all inclusive or complete list,  it is meant to give the reader an idea of how to better plan when anticipating alcohol may be present. 

California and Florida lead the country for the most DUI's in the country.  It is important to note that every state has thousands of DUI's every year.  So what can parents do to help prevent tradgedies for their teens?  What can American adults do?  For minors, a simple MIP class online might be a great start to early education.  For adults, consider taking an online alcohol awareness class or specifically a Florida Drug and Alcohol Course.  Both programs are effective as early prevention and can aid in stopping the cycle of tradegy that plagues American culture.