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Alcohol has several negative effects not he human body, most of which won't harm the individual who has a drink on occasion, as long as that occasion isn't every night. Alcohol is a silent killer because it works inside with no apparent harm until it's too late.

Alcohol awareness classes can help inform the young and old of the multiple effects of alcohol on the body, how it causes breakdowns in the body and can eventually cause death. Alcohol is the second common cause of death in the U.S. next to tobacco related deaths. Alcohol has severe effects not only on the physical body, but also on the mental state of the consumer.

As far as our bodies can understand, the alcohol we ingest is actually a poison. Alcohol awareness classes will help the student understand that over consumption can result in brain damage, liver damage, pancreatic shutdown, and even nerve damage. Have you ever seen an alcoholic with the shakes? That's the nervous system reacting to the individual’s lack of alcohol.

Alcohol awareness classes will inform the student of how alcohol cuts oxygen to the brain, making the brain react poorly to your surroundings and possibly causing permanent brain damage. The effects of heavy drinking can be obvious, but few realize that heavy consumption can shorten a person’s life by nearly 20 years or more.

Alcohol awareness classes for the young give them an added advantage when facing their future. Young drinkers that have taken an alcohol awareness class can change their behavior before the long-term effects set in. As parents, ignoring that opportunity for your child can be detrimental to even the strongest of teens.

For older drinkers, it's a sad fact that the more often you drink, the higher your tolerance becomes. This can quickly lead to alcohol dependence. Alcohol awareness classes will teach students about the anxiety, cold sweats, loss of income, and even vomiting that a lack of alcohol can cause when completely dependent.

Alcohol awareness classes can help the public better understand a silent killer named alcohol, and help those in need to change before the silent killers takes them, or worse, causes the drinker to take the life of another.

As you can see, there are several ways that alcohol awareness classes can help teach an individual of any age how to overcome dependency, and the effects on the body that it can cause. After years of abuse, no matter how old you are, the body's organs will begin to shut down. Public classes on California alcohol awareness will raise the chances that people have, especially the young, of avoiding and/or overcoming alcohol dependence.

If you feel that you may have a drinking problem, then classes are a great first step to overcoming your addiction. AA groups are also a handy step in helping the young and old drinkers overcome their problem. An 8 hour alcohol awareness class is another viable option.

There may never be a law requiring alcohol awareness classes for the public, but if you find yourself or a friend in need of a class, then there are online options to consider. They are affordable and can be done from the comfort of your own home.