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One of the main reasons why there continues to be a large number of DUI arrests and DUI related accidents is a lack of proper education. Reading about statistics and knowing about consequences can only go so far. Online drug and alcohol classes improve awareness and reduce DUI's. By having an interactive online class as oppossed to simple statistics and examples, the true impact that a DUI can have on your life and those of others becomes far more apparent. A DUI is not only a legal problem, but can also have serious long term ramifications upon your life and those of others if your careless behavior results in an accident. A car accident caused by someone who is under the influence of drugs and alcohol is even more tragic because the accident could have so easily been avoided. By having people take online drug and alcohol awareness classes you can drive home the point to them that a DUI can be a serious life changing event.

When someone is under the influence of drug's or alcohol their judgement, reflexes, and overall state of mind is affected. Their ability to quickly react to a dangerous situation is limited, as is their ability to make sound judegements while driving. If they are lucky they will be pulled over and face legal ramifications due to a DUI. These ramifications can include jail time, probation, monetary fines, and the loss of their drivers license. Unfortunately not everyone who makes the mistake of drinking or doing drugs and driving is lucky enough to only get into legal trouble. Many car accidents are caused by people under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. In these cases there is a great potential for the driver, passengers, or people in other cars to sustain life changing injuries or even die. This is why it is so important that everyone who drives a car takes an online course about the dangers of doing drugs or drinking alcohol and driving. Even Alaska Alcohol Awareness Classes are important, despite how far this state is from the rest of the U.S.

Online drug and alcohol classes improve awareness and reduce DUI's. This statement alone should indicate the tremendous value that these classes have. Most people learn more easily in an interact environment. Taking part in discussions and answering questions is a much more effective way to learn than by simply reading by yourself. By making people more aware of the legal ramifications of a DUI there is a good chance that you can influence their decision making process. Showing them the potential impact that a DUI influenced car accident can have on their lives and those of others should be an even stronger deterrent. While it is impossible to prevent all DUI's it's our responsibility as a society to prevent those that we can. People will always make mistakes, however by showing them the consequences of those mistakes we can hopefully influence them to make better decisions. Why not take advantage of something as simple as an 8 hour Alcohol awareness class if it can save lives?

Online drug classes and alcohol classes improve awareness and reduce DUI's, it's that simple.