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Drug and Alcohol Awareness Classes are designed to help people learn about alcohol and its dangers. Children are being exposed to the use of alcohol at increasingly younger ages. Peer pressure, party situations, and drugs combined with driving cars, make alcohol consumption even more dangerous. Unfortunately the majority of people do not think getting drunk occasionally is a problem until they are caught as minors with alcohol, are charged with drunken driving, have an accident or somebody gets killed. People who begin drinking alcohol often progress to using drugs combined with alcohol. Alcohol is just the beginning of the dangerous downward spiral. Alcohol causes more deaths than all the other abusive substances.

Warnings on bottles of alcohol have no or very little value either in educating people about its dangers, or deterring people from using it. The classes were designed specifically to educate people about the risks and effects of alcohol, especially on growing brains. It was originally put together to allow people to comply with court orders to complete an alcohol awareness course.

Here are some questions to ask oneself. Is the entire course online? Can you download the certificate of completion? How are the Alcohol Awareness Classes Structured? Does the company have regular customer service hours where requests and questions can be made? Are the classes offered by a licensed counselor?

While most would agree that education is what helps institute change, learning doesn't have to be difficult. Fortunately online educational programs are at the fingertips of most Internet users. Simply do a search for "alcohol awareness classes" and then see if there is a program that meets your needs.

Alcohol Awareness classes are not for criminals, everyone could benefit from taking them.  They are inexpensive and convenient.  Informed people are less likely to begin experimenting with alcohol.  The 8-Hour Alcohol Awareness Class, commonly taken by California residents and most other states, by its educational content has reduced accidents, saved lives, properties and prevented many people from becoming full-blown alcoholics.  Preventative education about alcohol has been found to decrease the amount of alcohol consumed.  The alcohol awareness classes fulfill the legal requirements for court orders, but they could become an even more important tool when used simply for personal growth. Don’t wait until you are in trouble with the law.  Get educated about alcohol and its dangers.  Enroll for an 8-hour alcohol awareness class.