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Increasing Alcohol Awareness Comes as No Surprise

Whether you live in Los Angeles or South Carolina alcohol and drug abuse is a problem. Recently, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administrations surveyed almost 24 million people ages 12 and older that needed either alcohol or drug treatment.  Shockingly, only 2.6 of these people actually received treatment at a facility.  This is scary data to consider, when over 50% of adults over 18 considered themselves regular drinkers, another study found.

Alcoholism in the United States continues to be a huge problem.  Most experts agree that increasing the awareness of the downside of drinking and using drugs will help to reduce the amount of chronic abuse this county faces. 

Recent statistics show that over 14 thousand deaths occurred last year related to liver disease and there were close the 24 thousand deaths caused by alcohol related accidents.  Here is how it breaks down by minute, every 2 minutes an individual is hurt in a traffic related incident where alcohol is in play.  It is estimated that alcohol alone causes over 100 thousand deaths that could have been avoided each year had the person not been drinking.  Another shocking fact, coming from recent research is that almost 80% of families say they live with someone that has a drinking problem and it adversely effects their ability to function.

It is estimated that workplace alcohol related incidents make up over 30% of the problems associated with workplace accidents.  Among college students, alcohol tends to play over 50% of the role in incidents.

So what can Americans do?  Well, one thing is that schools can require alcohol awareness classes for freshmen students, often called a Minor in Possession Class.  Employers can also help by providing current or potential employees with an online alcohol awareness class at the onset of their employment agreement.  Businesses can benefit from these educational classes because they may prevent an accident that could later result in a lawsuit against the company.  For students, the prevention may end up saving a life or stop a potential tragedy from happening.  Early prevention is thought to be the best line of action to help reduce the number of alcohol or drug related injuries that occur.  Alcohol awareness classes are often thought of as a simple and effect way to attack this problem in our country.  While these classes are often taken as part of a court order or other legal requirement, they are also great as a simple educational resource.

Get Educated Through Online Alcohol Awareness Training

The single greatest obstacle that anyone will ever have to overcome is alcohol addiction. Over 12,000 alcoholic accidents a year are recorded every year in the United States. One of the best way to avoid all of these deaths is by alcohol awareness.  Surprising, Oklahoma DUI's ranks as one of the highest in the U.S.

Anyone who has ever been arrested for driving while intoxicated or been arrested for public intoxication has been forced to go through these classes as a part of their sentence. But, by no means does that mean these classes are strictly for criminals.

If you've ever known anyone else who's ever become completely sober will tell you that they have never gotten into more trouble than when they have while intoxicated on alcohol. Many of today's scientists and record keepers will admit that the gateway drug that allows many of our innocent youths to become conflicted with addiction at an early age is alcohol related beverages. Inform your kids early on with Online Alcohol Class today and start a trust building foundation that could last for the rest of your lives.

Myths Surrounding Alcohol Consumption

1. I'm Cool, Man. It's a  common misconception that drinking alcohol in close circles makes you cooler than you used to be.  This just isn't true, ask any older friend or relative. As you climb out of your teenage years into your early to late 20's the people around you will say things like, "I wish I never started drinking," and  "I wish my parents would have done something like that when I was young." Not drinking will give you the upper hand in life and in work by being at the top of your game all day every day letting the competition get tired and your mind get sharper. Getting educated online will teach you this right off the bat.

2. Alcohol Improves Your Sex Life. There's nothing wrong with going out with friends and drinking something non-alcoholic drink to get the look. But, many studies have proved that excessive drinking and alcoholism is the biggest cause of infidelity among men over any other reason world wide, even old age or stress. Just because you were able to get a new friend home from the bar while completely smashed, probably also means you'll be letting yourself and your new friend down in a big way. By enrolling yourself in online alcohol awareness classes you'll be sure to avoid this type of embarrassment.

3.Horde Drinking. This type of drinking is otherwise known and celebratory drinking. The hordes of people around you want to get you drunk in congratulations but are nowhere to be found when you need help crawling out of the alcoholic hole they've encouraged you to be in. Don't fall for the horde mentality; break free, be yourself and find the right path, before that next drink makes it to your hand.

Take you life by the horns and let your goals get fulfilled one step at a time. The first step is getting informed and getting enrolled today in online alcohol awareness classes.

Oregon Students On Board with Alcohol Awareness

University of Oregon students who enter as freshman will be required to take alcohol awareness classes.  This is a progressive new stance to help young adults better understand the risks accociated with underage drinking.

College is one of the heavy times most people report their drinking.  Drinking in college has almost become a right of passage and a simple part of the college culture.  The problem is that many college students adopt these habits as a life long problem.

Alcoholism can start early in ones life.  Colleges, such as the University of Oregon are smart to implement programs for alcohol awareness and minor in possession classes.  Such programs will ultimately save lifes and hopefully reduce the amount of problem drinking that attacks college students early in their lives.

Alcohol Awareness Could Save a Life, Including your Own!

OK, so work goes horribly, you have to walk in the rain because your car battery died and just as you started off you remember there's mandatory overtime tomorrow and now your car's out of commission. Time for a drink, right? Well, have you ever considered what that drink you're having actually does?

The stark reality is that alcohol actually does the opposite of easing your mind from your troubles. Alcohol is by creation a depressant and will drag your self esteem even lower into the gutter than you thought it was before! It's not to late there are even a number of online substance abuse classes that can be done and at a much cheaper and less embarrassing way than in the mass therapy sessions.  It's no surprise that Fresno ranks as the #1 U.S. cities for DUI's

After reading almost any scientific study EVER conducted it will be obvious that alcohol consumption lowers your chances of success at any goal or function by nearly 50 to 100%, making it nearly impossible to be a success at anything drunk!

Alcohol can increase the blood pressure, thin out the blood and increase your anxiety and stress by ten fold. Realizing this before you go into a night long bender may be the difference between going into a sobbing mess at the bar as pour back shot after after shot. If you're on edge about hitting the bar, then instead, just for the night, try looking up and logging into a self help class for substance abuse. Don't be your own victim, look into things now.

The first step is to be aware that you are not mentally ill, you have contaminated your blood with a foreign substance. There is a cure for this, and it may be physically challenging, but if you have the will power to succeed you can do it. The first step is realizing if you are an alcoholic or alcohol abuser, or both.

So you know, the alcohol abuse is not the same as being an alcoholic. An alcoholic might be someone who needs to have a drink, even in small amounts, all day long. The alcohol abuser may only drink twice a week but when they do it's to the point of vomiting or even blacking out completely.

Both of these types of addictions need to be considered and reflected on in your daily life before you and your family decide what courses or online awareness classes and interventions will be most effective. Remember, if family is there to help, use them for help, the only shame to be had is keeping on the same path.

The causes of addiction are often related to stress from work, home, money, or even medical problems. Some people even drink and use drugs in order to self medicate their own depression. This should never be done because more times than not the self-medication will lead to other severe health, family, and financial problems. Taking an online alcohol awareness class is the first step toward recovery.

Dr. Ari Novick is the President of A website dedicated to educating people about alcohol awareness. Click here for more information on Online Alcohol Classes  Dr. Ari Novick also provides world class online Minor in Possession Classes

5 of the Best Reasons to Choose Alcohol Awareness Classes

Here are 5 great and simple reasons to choose alcohol awareness classes:

5. Saving Lives Behind the Wheel. All the people who enroll in these informative classes will learn of all the dangers of drinking while driving (DUI Classes). Alcohol related car deaths are completely man-made disasters that can be avoided by information and education. The chances of being in an alcohol related car accident goes downsignificantly after taking alcohol awareness classes.

4. Enabling Reality. When an individual is given information about all the issues using alcohol can cause, it may push them into the realization that they do actually have  a problem with drinking alcohol too often. Most of the heavy drinkers will deny drinking to much and to often even if they know they are lying. They do this because if they don't deny the idea of being an alcoholic they won't be able to drink anymore. By enrolling in online classes that teach alcohol awareness, that stigma can be erased and a new you that you can be honored and even proud of will be on the way to being produced.

3. The Ease of Classes. Many people trick themselves into thinking that the classes are going to be all work and pain. In reality, the classes are all about you and how to make you better in the most effective way possible. The modern choices of alcohol awareness classes don't confine to a small group or even a large informal group in an audience like seating. The comfort and ease can be done in your favorite chair with your laptop. Don't despair because things seems to hard, these classes are really all about you and how to make you happy again.

2. Proper Care. Many people who drink on a regular and everyday basis do so to fight off some form of depression. Drinking is by its very nature a system and emotional depressant, don't drink to fight depression, it will only lead deeper into that abyss. Find help for you drinking and, in part, for your depression, by seeking help through alcohol awareness classes. Alcohol had taken depressed individuals right over the edge, including greats like Heath Ledger more recently using large amounts of sleeping pills and alcohol. Medications prescribed for various sicknesses and illnesses can be safe but when mixed with large amounts of liquid courage the end result may be disastrous. Much could have been avoided by taking a 12 hour alcohol awareness class online

1. Set the Example. For all of us with children, setting the example for our kids can mean the difference between them taking their first drink at 14 or taking it at 21. Taking an alcohol awareness class with your kids may seem like a drag to them through your eyes. However, even as they moan and groan about the the idea of taking one, especially with mommy or daddy, they'll know deep down they'll learn something interesting and have that example and knowledge to carry and pass on to their children. Set the example in your family and you will be remembered and appreciated.