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Alcohol Awareness Classes: Your Guide to Better Understanding These Programs

Alcohol and Drug Awareness in the United States has been a pressing issue for over a century.  With rates of both adult and teen alcoholism on the rise, our culture has been continuing to seek ways to gain more understanding of both the risks and consequences of alcohol and/or drug abuse.  As of 2011, there are several ways adults and adolescents can gain knowledge and become more educated on this top.  Here are a few suggestions to improve Alcohol and Drug Awareness:

1. Take an in person class.  Alcohol awareness classes and drug education courses can be found by contacting any in/out patient facility, AA, NA, a local hospital or doctors office.  Most of these education programs offers these classes in a group format. 

The advantage to a group format is that you can listen to other people experience with alcohol or drugs while you are gaining knowledge and understanding of the issues.  The downside of this experience is that classes may be offered at inconvenient times, be expensive and provide to privacy.

2. Take an online alcohol awareness class or drug education course.  Online programs should be offered by licensed and trained provider who's credentials can be verified.  Online classes are an excellent way to gain skills without having to leave school, work, family or other obligations and still have a quality learning experience.  Just like their live in person counterpart, online classes are a great way to fulfill an court, legal or other requirement.  Not only are alcohol awareness classes available online but do are minor in possession courses

The advantage to an online class is that they are much more affordable, easier to attend, and do require the participant to share personal information with strangers.  Online classes can also be more effective from the standpoint of requiring short quizzes and a final exam.

Regardless of the format you choose, alcohol and drug awareness and education should be required of anyone who might consider using these substances.  Understanding the effects and consequences could save your life or the life of someone you love.

How Much Alcohol is To Much Drinking To Handle?

We often get asked how much alcohol is too much alcohol?  Or how do I know when I've drank to much?  The answer to those questions can vary greatly depending on who you talk to and how one defines "too much".

In the state of CA for example, you can not exceed a blood alcohol limit of .08 during a field sobriety check; otherwise you will be convicted of a DUI.  How many drinks does it take to get to a .08.  Much of this depends on your age, weight and metabolism.  For some, one drink (1 ounce of hard alcohol), one glass of wine, or one beer might push you over the legal limit to drive.  Others might be able to consume more and still be within the legal limit to operate a motorized vehicle.

Regardless of the laws, knowing how much you can drink is often personal and ones relationship to alcohol can also change that answer tremendously.  Persons who have a tendency to drink to much, have a much greater chance of becoming an alcoholic later in life.  Those who know their limit intuitively tend to stop drinking before they get sick.

Here are some things to consider if you have a hard time estimating if you drink to much or too frequently:

1. Do your friend and loved ones complain that you drink to much and too often
2. You've noticed that it takes more drinks to get "buzzed"
3. You have started to have some black out or lapses in memory
4. You find yourself using alcohol to cope or deal with unpleasant feelings or situations
5. You are starting to drink alone or making excuses to have a drink
6. You are sneaking in a drink without people knowing it.
7. Your thoughts are consuming about the use of alcohol and when you can drink next
8. You are starting to rationalize why its "OK" to drink to yourself and others
9. You have been in trouble with the law around the use of alcohol

Knowing how to say no, and knowing your limits is important.  If you don't know if you have a problem with alcohol consider taking an alcohol awareness class.  If you are under 21, then taking a minor in possession class might be a great decision for gaining some education in better understanding the risks and consequences of alcohol use.

Find a Minor in Possession or Minor in Consumption Class Online in your State

Finding a minor in possession (MIP class) or  minor in consumption (MIC class) can often be difficult.  This is especially due in part to there being a lack of locations available to underage drinkers who need to complete a class. sets the standard for providing industry leading online education programs for those who need to take this program.  Below is our state by state list of our online links to registering for our minor in possession class online.  Our courses are completely internet based and can be taken from any location, home, or school 24 hours a day.  We offer three classes for minors, a level 1, level 2 and level 3 class (either 8, 16, or 24 hours).

Minor in Possession Classes by State

5 Tips to Increase Alcohol Awareness

Here are 5 quick tips and suggestions for staying aware of the risks of alcohol and drug abuse.

1. The best policy as it relates to how much you should drink? Zero. Abstaining from alcohol creates the a 0% chance that you will make mistakes related to alcohol consumption. It's that simple.

2. If you do drink, drink responsibly. Have a designated driver elected BEFORE you go out. Have a friend monitor how much you've consumed and set up a plan for stopping drinking if he/she thinks you've had too much. Monitor your own consumption. If you are unable to do this, read step one above again.

3. Remind yourself of the risks of alcohol use, including the problems associated with geting a DUI, ruining a relationship due to bad behavior, or loosing your temper and saying and doing things you regret.

4. Don't let peer pressure allow you to make poor choices. Just because your friends are drinking or using drugs it doesn't mean you need to do the same thing to have fun. Using drugs or alcohol is a choice. You decide. Don't be a puppet, be a leader and lead yourself in the right direction

5. Alcohol awareness classes and educational courses can easily be found on the internet. Do a simple search for "alcohol drug classes" or "online alcohol awareness classes". Taking a program from a licensed and qualified provider may give you the tools to make the best possible decisions and better understand the risks of using and abusing drugs and alcohol.


For information on alcohol awareness courses or minor in possession classes, click in these links or call our office at 949 715-2694